Roof Consulting

We offer unbiased roof design, repair planning, quality observance, and general roof management services to building owners, property managers and architects. Our services can range from a short telephone conversation to answer questions you have on roof systems to the development of programs to manage roofing maintenance and replacements on a portfolio of buildings over several years.

Visual Roof Inspections

We offer a variety of roof inspection services that include annual roof inspections and roof condition (assessment) reports. Observations made during annual roof inspections and roof condition reports are documented in a report which includes an opinion on the condition of the roofing and flashings, an estimate on the remaining service life of the roof system, recommendations for repairs or replacement, and budget construction cost estimates. If the roof system is not under a warranty and acceptable to the building owner, we can take a small core sample of the roof system to document the number of roof systems present and the type of roof insulation present. Additional services include a roof plan drawing noting the locations of repairs needed and photographs of the roof conditions.

Construction Observation

We offer part-time and full-time roof inspection services during the installation of new and replacement roof systems. For part-time services, our inspector will visit the site daily for approximately one hour while roofing work is in progress. For full-time inspection services our inspector will be on site the entire time roofing work is in progress. Part-time and full-time inspection services includes a report prepared by our inspector on his observations that will include our opinion on the conformance of the roofing work with the Contract Documents for the Project. The written inspection report will include photographs of the work in progress. Reports are distributed via email in Adobe pdf format.

Contract Documents

Based on our observations of the roofing and flashings, we can prepare plans and specifications for the repair or replacement of the roof system. Our services include a recommendation of the replacement roof system based on building conditions, expected roof traffic and the construction budget. Scaled roof plans are prepared using AutoCAD and include detail drawings. Specifications tailored specifically for each project include bidding requirements, contract administration in addition to technical specifications for the replacement roof system.

Project Management

Project management services include bidding and Negotiations Phase Services: Issuing contract documents to bidders, conducting a pre-bid conference, receiving bids and tabulating bid results, recommendations on contract award; and Construction Administration Phase Services: Preparation of the Owner-Contractor Agreement, conducting a pre-construction conference, review of shop drawings submitted by the Contractor, review and certification of Contractor applications for payment, review of changes made during construction and a recommendation to make final payment to the Contractor based on observations of the roofing work.